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System Topology

Single channel video monitoring display

20 km long-distance HD transmission solution
Technology Introduction

White Balance

We upgrade the algorithm of White Balance in the new product, abandon the traditional thinking of finding white points and adopt the Grayscale method ,which greatly improve the White Balance effect.

Testing environment: 5 Lux color mode -F1.4,3100K


other brands -1

other brands -2

Digital slow shutter

Digital slow shutter can produce clear picture by accumulating enough light to operate in condition the human eye would perceive as complete darkness.

Light off, DSS ON=10x

Light off, DSS ON=5x

Light off, DSS OFF

TDN-True Day & Night

Under the day mode, it produces clear image by removing a physical Infrared filter when night mode removed.

Light on,Day Mode(228Lux)

Light off,Day Mode(0Lux)

Light off,Night Mode(0Lux)

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