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Corporate Citizen

Outstanding Corporate Citizen

Jongtay believes that Corporate Citizen is based on the respect for people and nature, doing what is right and beneficial to the development and progress of the society. In the past four decades, we have proactively and strictly carried out our three principles of Corporate Citizen in a worldwide scale as follows:

•Honest and transparent manner for commercial operation;
•Making contribution to our communities;
•Using technology to enhance the public's living standards.

Jongtay's practice of corporate citizenship was related to educational, charitable, ethical and environmental business and other fields. As a global investor, educator and also strategic partners, Jongtay commits:

•To contribute to community value and to be an exemplary corporate citizen;
•To be the model in the aspects of environmental health and safe operation by the world's standards
•To understand and respect multi-culture and cultural diversity.

Corporate Citizenship is a kind of behavior that integrates the fundamental value of the society with the business practices, operations and policies of a company. ——by Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Jongtay believes that corporate citizenship is the bridge that connects business organizations with the society,and it is the beacon that leads us to our enterprise value. Therefore, Jongtay not only regards the responsibility of corporate citizenship as a significant part of its strategy, culture and values systems, but also put it in an important position in every link of the daily work. Besides, to fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship is also an essential mission of Jongtay. Looking into the future , Jongtay will continue to build a sustainable industry that is friendly to the ecological environment, to promote the development of China's digital economy, to be a good corporate citizen with great influence, and finally to devote itself to building a harmonious society. In addition, Jongtay offers her employees vast opportunities to grow fast and to make their dream come true.

At Jongtay, everyone is the protagonist in the career of innovation.
Its employees have the opportunity to release personal and team energy to change the world; at the same time, Jongtay creates world record again and again and conquers the peaks one by one thanks to it's the great efforts of its diligent staffs. Thus, Jongtay regard its staffs as the greatest wealth, and offers them competitive wages and benefits as well as healthy and safe workplace to make sure that our employees can release their maximal potentials.

Reliable welfare and security

• Jongtay has established a complete and competitive salary and benefits system, and takes seriously our commitment to each employee
• We have established a competitive salary structure, which enables us to ensure the basic welfare of our employees.
• We Adopts the profit-driven programs to supply our employees with leading wages and benefits in the same industry during our peak periods.
• We provide long-term attractive and incentive plans to the excellent talents.

Continuously improve employee's satisfaction

The "ideal working environment"is an important part of Jongtay's core value. To this end, we are committed to creating a people-oriented and enjoyable working environment. For example, the company sets up an open-door policy and procedure to encourage employees at all levels to communication with the management departments to resolve any work-related issues; besides we also reduced levels of the organizational structure so that our employees can communicate with higher authorities timely and effectively. A comfortable business environment and a responsible attitude of the employer makes Jongtay "an ideal place to work". Both at home and abroad, Jongtay has repeatedly been named "Best Employers"by authoritative research organizations.

Scientific recruitment and personnel training system

Jongtay insists on open recruitment, selection and hiring qualified staff in line with job requirements, and then put them into the most appropriate jobs in order to achieve the best use of their talents. Moreover, in order to encourage our staffs to recommend qualified candidates to the Human Resources Department, we set up an "employee referral bonus." Jongtay encourages employees

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