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NVR Overview

In recent years, with the rapid development of IP networks, video surveillance industry has entered the era of network-wide. The era of network-wide video surveillance industry is gradually showing the characteristics of the IT industry as the core network monitoring products NVR (Network Video Recorder), essentially has become IT products. NVR main function is received through the network IPC (network camera), DVS (video encoder) transmission of digital devices such as video stream, and for storage, management, and its core value is video middleware, the middleware by way of the video widely compatible with all digital devices of different manufacturers encoding format, enabling a distributed network architecture brings, component access advantage.

Analog monitoring starts to develop in the late 70s,now the main products are analog cameras and Matrix.

Digital monitoring starts from the late 90s,and it’s still on the rise,the main products are PC model DVR and insert DVR.

Network monitoring starts from 2000,now it’s entered the high-speed development period,and the main products are network cameras、video encoder、network platform、NVR,etc.

NVR Products

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

NVR is the network equipment based on IP protocol.

NVR connects the audio collection equipments and alarm equipments from front-end through IP network.

NVR is the monitoring host equipment which realize browsing picture,video recording,playback,camera controlling and the alarm function.

NVR run the remote management through the Internet and LAN.


Various wires:video lines,audio cables,controlling ……

Analog signal transmission is limited by the distance.

The networking support is too weak to adapt to the complex

network background.

When connect the analog cable to the matrix switch signal on

wall ,it’s generally required to deploy nearby.

It’s troublesome to expand the capacity,which need to wear

a borehole wall.

NVR and the front-end camera can connect to the network

with merely one cable ,which cut the expense of wire and

human resource.

Deployable wherever there is network ,no regional


Accessible through any network,the Dual-flow technology

guarantee the best video effect.

Connected to the decoder through network, convenient to

deploy in remote area,and can be controlled by NVR all


Expansion only need to connect the front equipment to the


HD network NVR network video monitoring is a product, along with the network technology and digital monitoring sustainable development and developed. In high-definition surveillance system, NVR will serve as a protagonist in this market. And as the representative of this network camera network HD monitoring applications, has become a important direction for the future development. Therefore, NVR plays an important role in the promotion and popularization of network cameras, especially the application of high-definition network camera.

Its main function is receive and transmit the digital video stream through network IPC (network camera) equipment to, and stored y managed, in order to achieve a distributed network architecture brings advantages. In simple terms, through the NVR, you can simultaneously watch, browse, playback, manage, store multiple network cameras. Get rid of the computer hardware to tie him down, no longer faced with the tedious install the software. If the camera network, then the only way is to have a centralized management of the core appears.

Speaking from the overall framework, NVR and IP camera monitoring system located at both ends, the difference is responsible for network camera image acquisition and coding, through compressed video stream for transmission over the network, the front-end. In the backend, NVR responsible for access network video streams, and through its own built-in hard disk or external storage for recording, they are inseparable whole.

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