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Core Software
Core Software- Quick Operation and Setup

Express Setup Guide

The express setup page allows the user to set the most important parameters of DVR, such as time, network, recording parameters, etc. Even if the customers is not familiar with the DVR, he can operate the DVR easily and quickly.

Support snapshot and image retrieval (currently only QH-D22 Series support)

Support snapshot and setting of the snapshot schedule
Support to retrieve the pictures directly on the device side, user-friendly management of all information

Built-in help documentation

Built-in help document, and can guide users to set up common functions quickly: such as how to access through the network, how to use the phone function, how to realize an alarm email function.

Support for multiple languages

Supported 28 languages, available to add more additional language

Core Software- Alarm, WI-FI, 3G
Core Software- Network, Rights, Playback and Backup
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