JONGTAY puts more than 10% of sales revenue into the research and development per year, has established a global technology, talent, experience and quality management’s R & D platform, has a high-quality R&D team with more than 10 people, and establishes a R&D Center in Guangzhou, China. Products and technologies, R & D covers the full range of Beam Moving Head Light, Led Moving Head Light, Moving Head Spot Moving Light, Led Par Light, Led Bar Light, Outdoor Led Light, Led Blinder Light, Stage Special Effect Machine and so on.


JONGTAY sticks to a developmental and innovative idea which is oriented by customer demand, takes the international standard of product’s quality as the goal, provides high-quality, cost-effective products and services to the global clients. JONGTAY has invested heavily to establish a product testing center, cooperating with the world's leading research institutions and equipment manufacturers, and using a full range of users’ environment to test rigorously for pre-release R & D products, which means to provide customers more secure and reliable products.


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