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15R Beam Solutions

Recently, as a leading provider of Stage equipment and solutions, Jongtay released market-oriented new beam and spot system solutions. The solutions aimed at breaking the current bottleneck of X-Y-Rotate JT-234 No Limited, providing customers with fast and accurate location solutions which consist of the latest frost and head-moving, free functions No-limited technology.

After years of cutting-edge research, Jongtay recognized this point as first, invest a lot of effort to establish a new stage lights.  


The advantages of QIHAN new video monitoring system solutions:

  • * Complete system function with high-quality
  • * High-definition Beam quality
  • * Good performance of real-time ability, stability and reliability
  • * High bandwidth, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance, and so on.
  • * Low power consumption
  • * Low maintenance costs
  • * Suitable for various complex applications
  • * Meet the stage requirements of modern social development
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