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Business Ethics

Business Ethics:
Advocating lasting value In Jongtay,advocating long-lasting value is deeply rooted. The value reflects Qihan’s most fundamental concept.

Jongtay concept:
Jongtay people always maintain a firm integrity;
Promote customer success with great enthusiasm;
Ensure that the customer is always its first beneficiary, and promote growth with good service and quality;
Act in a non-boundary way and constantly to find and apply the best ideas, don’t care about its origin;
Establish a clear, simple objective which treats customers as the core, and continuously update and improve its implementation;
Create an challenge ultimate, inspire, informal environment of mutual trust, reward progress, celebrate the achievements;
The open door of Qihan office reflects the full implement the ethical, transparent business conduct. Also effective in encouraging open communication, makes us more creative, more profound of colleagues friendship. We aim to become the one to inspire rather than fear, to information sharing rather than hide, the staffs have decision-making power, and their talent can get to play company.

Abide by the moral
As a enterprise, we must remain profitable to maintain operations, but profitable operation is not the only concern. In Jongtay Each of us abides by the moral when we service for customers, colleagues, companies and the public. The success of our business is to rely on mutual trust principle. Our reputation is established in the employees’ personal conduct. We always adhere to the following principles:

• Be honest in communication within our company and with business partners, suppliers and customers, while protecting confidential information and trade secrets.
• We are committed to provide customers with quality products and service, let excellence throughout the products and services.
• Be responsible for our words and deeds.
• Care for our employees and the business related public.
• Fulfill their civic duty to comply with laws and regulations of our country and regions, promote environmental protection concepts, to improve and enrich public life through our services.
• Supply fair treatment to our employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and suppliers, and comply with all existing laws, regulations and policies, maintain a high standard code of conduct.
• Respect our employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and suppliers, and actively listen to their opinions and value their feedback.

Business criteria
In order to ensure our company's business behavior and value is consistent. All directors, officers and employees must follow Jongtay longstanding values and standards, in order to guide their actions, behavior and decisions. In the course of business, we have strict rules to comply with:

1. Honest.Honesty is the criteria for communication between our partners, suppliers and customers, it also means protecting company trade secrets.
2. Excellence. Efforts to provide customers with superior quality products and services.
3. Sense of responsibility, which throughout our language and action.
4. Concern. Reflected in the treatment of employees and the related community.
5. Social responsibility. We adhere to our country's laws and environmental regulations,to improve the quality of community life with our service and contribution.
6. Fair. This means that our employees, shareholders, partners, customers and suppliers must comply with the same code of conduct and regulations, and policies.
7. Respect. Show them enough respect and gratitude when communicate with our employees, shareholders, partners, customers and suppliers or assess their feedback.
Every new employee orientation, in order to allow staff to better understand and comply with the principles of Jongtay employee handbook, each manager, each vice president need to implement Jongtay employee handbook,it has become an important part of senior management leadership training course

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